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Formed overnight in the small country town of Little River in 2004 by three brothers after a string of reported UFO sightings.

Before the sightings, none of the members knew how to play musical instruments. Many of the locals insist that they still didn't afterwards.

The music to follow morphed their love of heavier music with a clear NZ dub influence.

They mysteriously disappeared in 2007. Some believe they were taken east to their spiritual home of New Zealand.

They are survived by loving friends and family, a plethora of a few nostalgic followers from their regional town of Geelong and boxes of rare unsold CD digipaks.

The whereabouts of the three members still remains unknown to this day. We still hold hope to find them, then the rare unsold CDs could be signed and sold (if we can find them also)

In the meantime now and then we try and escape from overthinking and look back to appreciate the good times and smile.

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