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King Canoe is a collaboration between seven stalwarts of the Melbourne Reggae and Soul music scene.


Focusing on all-original instrumental reggae and taking influence from the 1960s Jamaican music scene, King Canoe is bringing a fresh sound to a classic genre.


King Canoe's debut album 'High Tide' is available now in all good record stores across Melbourne

Bio Updates

Cryptic punchy intro to grab more

EG: Little Wise (aka Sophie Klein) makes music for the drifters and the dreamers. Brimming with melodic hooks and a piercing, heart-on-sleeve lyricism, she conjures a magnetic collision of vintage Americana and modern folk-rock.

Describe the sound

As you have above, maybe expand a little

Past Achievements



Smoke and mirrors...push the truth untraceably 

Radio/Media appearances

Future Plans

New album...

Tour regional inter/national/NZ?





A few vertical, a few horizontal


Any plans?

If using Canning maybe some updates

Film Clips

Any planned? Pretty easy to do these days (if you know someone with vid skills)

Maybe share a google drive with all materials with me?

Brainstorm what you want to do

Venue/Festival Wish List

Support ideas (international gimmicks/NZ acts...)

Double bill with Heartical HiFi (band plays through the sound system?)

Etc...nothing is stupid

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